Security With Home Automation In Jacksonville And Crescent Beach, Fl

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Home security with home automation in Jacksonville and Crescent Beach, FL is a great way to protect your home against burglars. Unfortunately, over 1,000,000 homes are broken into each year, that’s about 2,600 a day! Burglaries are actually a very common attack on your home and family, but home security with home automation can be one thing you can use to help keep you and your family protected. There are also a few other things you can do to keep yourself safe. Make Wise Decisions

Don’t tell or show strangers that you are alone or going out of town. Have your neighbors or a family friend pick up your newspapers, take out your trash, and even mow your grass. These things are common for what burglars look at when casing a house.

Make sure to have your friend or neighbor also check your door. Remove any flyers, business cards, or trash cluttering up the front door. Also make sure if you do discuss your plans with someone you trust, that the information isn’t overheard by a passerby.

Be Careful Of What You Do

Try not to post your plans all over your social media where anyone can see them. This is how a lot of burglars get the information they need to burglarize your home. Don’t share vacation photos until you are back from your trip, and make sure not to use check-in’s on your phone. This let’s everyone see where you are and that you are definitely not home.

Security Is Important

Make sure all the doors and windows are locked and secured. Don’t leave your tools, ladders, and equipment out in the open for thieves to have easy access to. Make sure to take precautions with glass doors, and large windows, adding special films that absorb shocks, impacts, and damage will help add a level of security to your house. Make sure to activate your home security with home automation, if you have an alarm system.

Don’t Leave Things In An Easy Spot

Whether having your tools and ladders laying around that thieves can use to burglarize the house, or steal, or leaving expensive electronics, jewelry, and antiques by windows can be a cause for alarm. By having them close to an opening, thieves can easily see what you have and can test out the safety of your home.

Leaving things in view of windows invites thieves to begin watching your home, testing your security, and casing your house. Making sure you are protected with a home security with home automation can be the difference of being burglarized, or being safe.