How To Properly Glue Tileboard To A Wall

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Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room can be a tall task. All three of these rooms are perfect matches for the installation of tileboard as decorative paneling. Tileboard is typically used as backsplash behind a sink in either of the three rooms but can also be installed on walls instead of real tile, paint, wallpaper or plain backsplash. Installing tileboard to a wall is a simple project, however keep in mind that you will need to measure two, three, or four times and cut multiple times. Here you will learn about this as well as how to glue tileboard to a wall.

Measuring and Purchasing TileBoardThe first step in this process is to measure the walls you are looking to install tileboard on in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. These tileboards are used as backsplashes because they are easy to clean and they protect the wall behind them from water damage. Before hitting the home improvement store you need to measure all the walls that will have backsplash on them. Measure twice and write down the measurements, bring them with you, and purchase sheets based on what is needed. Purchase one extra sheet in the event of mistakes during the installation process. You can buy them at Arc-rite UK, along with other industrial equipment and tools.

When measuring you will need to account for every single twist and turn the backsplash will take once glued to the walls. This includes being placed behind cabinets that hang over the countertop, behind a microwave, and over electrical outlets. All of these measurements will help you when figuring out where to cut the board.

Glue Tileboards to the Wall

When performing such a task as gluing tileboards to a wall, you will need to purchase heavy duty glue (should be epoxy) in a tube. Place the tube in a caulk dispenser, making it easier to shoot the glue onto the wall. Do not put the glue directly on the back of the tileboard. This makes it more difficult to install the tileboard to the wall. You will have fifteen minutes to attach the tileboard to the wall after the glue has been put on the wall.

Once the tileboards are ready to be glued to the wall you can place them on the glue. The sections of tileboard should not be that large so you can hold them onto the wall yourself. Take a rubber mallet and bang it against the tileboard to make sure it takes to the glue on the wall. Some of the corners might not stick right away so you will have to physically hold them against the wall. You could also take pieces of wood to wedge against the wall to hold the tileboard in place while the glue dries. Understanding how to glue tileboard to a wall is not difficult, but it can be a lengthy process depending on the amount of cuts it takes to get the measurements correct.