How To Avoid Sun Bleaching On Your Interior Furniture

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The sun is great. You can go out in t-shirts. You can sun-bathe in parks. You can drink in the patio. You can have a barbecue in the garden. But the sun has downsides, too. Not the least of which is sun bleaching. Ultra violet raysof both the UVA and UVB varietycan cause discolouration in wood and fabric. Leave your console table, your expensive davenport, or your inherited roll-up desk in direct sunlight and, chances are, youre going to see changes in coloration. Especially if the window is south-facing and your climate is sunny.

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So, youre going to have to take preventive action. Even in windy, cold climates the sun might still do damage. Therefore, for the same reasons you should wear sun-block even when its cool outside, you should take preventive action at all times of the year, to ensure that your furniture doesnt end up patchy and discoloured. Here are a few tips to help avoid solar discolouration.

Move furniture out of sunlight. This is the most obvious solution to the problem (though it may not be that practical depending on the size of your room, the size of your windows, and the use to which particular items of furniture are put: you may need the coffee table in the centre, for example). If youre going on holiday, though, or leaving the house for a few days, you should definitely move furniture out of harms way. You could even cover them up with sheets. When at home, make sure to keep on rotating pieces of furniture. If your spouse asks, Why are you moving the furniture again? you can just say, To protect against solar discolouration.

Use window-covers. Window-covers are not only great for ensuring privacy and preventing heat transfer, theyre also great for protecting furniture. Whether you get Venetian blinds or shuttersbe they indoors or outdoorsyour furniture will no doubt be thankful. Draw the blinds every night before going to sleep and, of course, make sure to draw them before going on holiday. Remember that window-covers come in all size and can be custom-made, so they might even be made to cover skylights and lunettes.

Use sealants. Besides giving your furniture a nice gloss, sealants such as varnish, beeswax, and lacquer are also great for protecting wood from sun. Just make sure to re-apply every so often.

Use window film. Dont want to cover up the windows? Want to let in light without the light doing damage? No problem. Theres a solution just for you. Its called window film. Solar window film is a transparent filter (usually made from PET) designed to prevent heat loss and reduce fading. Its applied to the inside of the window (usually by a professional, though you might try it yourself).

Well there you go. Those are some of the ways to prevent sun damage. Just be mindful of the dangers, and make sure to keep on checking furniture around the house. Ultimately you have to decide whats right for you.