5 Ways To Effectively Clean Your Carpet Using A Steam Vacuum

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After the exciting summer season is over, you may be concerned about the dirt on your carpets and floors. To protect yourself and your family from the risk of various diseases and viruses, it is very important to get your indoor atmosphere cleaned. It is also essential to get rid of any stains and marks on your carpets and floors to give them a cleaner look. However, removing stains and getting rid of dust on the carpets is not easy. This is why the use of steam vacuum cleaners is becoming very popular.

Before learning how to use a steam vacuum to clean your carpets, it is very important to understand what exactly steam cleaning is. It is a unique method of using water and dry chemicals to clean the surface of carpets as well as within its deeper layers. The hot water, combined with chemicals and various cleaning agents, helps in getting rid of dust, stains and odor. If you do not have a steam cleaner, you can also hire professionals to do it for you or get the equipment on rent.

Here are some useful techniques to apply in order to clean your carpet using a steam vacuum in a more effective manner:

1.     Remove the Furniture

To effectively clean your carpet, it is necessary to get rid of any and all the furniture placed upon it. Anything placed on the carpet will ultimately cause problems in completely removing stains and dirt. Also, by moving your furnishings away from the carpet, you can protect them from hot water and other chemicals as well.

2.     Clean the Baseboards Properly

This is the most important thing when learning how to clean your carpets. Make sure that you have a clean floor before putting your carpet back on it after it is cleaned if you have removed it. If it is going to remain in the same position, take it up and clean the floor first, then begin with carpet cleaning.

3.     Prepare Your Steam Vacuum

Getting your steam vacuum ready to do its job is very important. Read all instructions if you have not already so you know exactly how it works for the best cleaning.

4.     Mix the Solution Well

The next step in effectively cleaning your carpet with a steam vacuum is to mix the cleaning solution with hot water. Take a good quality detergent and pour it on the floor. Keep adding water to your carpet. Avoid adding too much soap as it will ruin the quality and texture of your carpet. Follow the directions on the detergent to avoid mixing too much water as well. Each cleaning solution requires a different ratio of water and detergent.

5.     Start from the Furthest Section

Be very careful when cleaning your carpet using steam. If done ineffectively, it can damage your carpet and make it appear ugly. Clean in straight lines and make sure that you do not miss any area. Ideally, you should clean from the farthermost spot in a straight vertical line.

6.     Leave It to Dry

Once you are done with cleaning your carpet, you should let it dry. Give it at least 2 hours to completely dry. Do not put furniture or anything else on the carpet during this time. It is very important to let the material air out completely. Do not step on the carpet barefoot right after the cleaning as it will damage the fabric.