4 Things You Need To Ask The Right Listing Agent

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Selling your home might as well be one of the most stressful thing to do especially if you have built your dreams and grown your family in this home. The structure can be forgotten but its the memories that it holds will always be with you. That is why, to minimise the pain associated with selling a well-loved real estate property, you will need the expert services of the right listing agent or an estate agent that specialises in helping homeowners sell their properties. Here are 4 questions you may need to ask a listing agent to help you choose the right agent for your property.

1. Whats the Price Range for the Property?

If the estate agent guarantees you the highest possible price for your property, walk away for he simply has no idea about how volatile the real estate market can be. At the very least, he should be able to give you a minimum and maximum price for your property after considering all the factors that can affect the final price. This is important as you dont want to hinge your hopes on false and unrealistic assurances. A good estate agent is one that knows the local property market inside and out. Its no use getting a London estate agent to sell a property in Sussex – you need an estate agent in Sussex to guide you though the process of selling your house locally.

2. How Will the Listing Agent Market the Property?

Its easy to say that the agent will list and market your property to generate as many potential buyers as much as feasible. However, it may be wise to ask the agent exactly how he intends to market your property. This means looking at his overall plan, the strategies that he will employ, and how he intends to address potential problems as well as his estimated completion. At least you will have something to keep you updated of its progress.

3. How much is the Agents Commission?

One of the most common mistakes of homeowners selling their properties is looking for an estate agent who charges them very low commission. While it is not unusual for agents to provide discounts or even charge a much lower fee because of the rather very stiff competition, it is always a lot better to ask why they will be charging you lesser. Maybe they want something non-monetary in return? Or maybe they would like you to refer to them some of your friends? Or, is he looking so desperate for a client? If thats the case, would you trust your property to a desperate agent?

4. How has the Agents Business Changed in Recent Years?

If the listing agent still lives in the past – no internet, no mobile phones, no technological changes in his practise – will you have a better chance of getting your property sold to the right buyer? Everyone now has his own website for a variety of reasons. And since its one of the most effective tools to market a property, your agent must have a website of his own. Besides, you need someone who can leverage these technologies to your advantage.

Selling a home can be tricky but not with the help of a property listing agent. It is important, however, to choose the right estate agent to handle your sale.